Used BMW spare parts
Almost new, used BMW parts in packages

Used BMW parts from newer cars, 0~3 years old, sold in packages

Through a unique collaboration with the BMW factory, we offer used BMW spare parts from almost new cars – parts that normally limited in availability. The parts come from the factory's own test cars, surplus production, final quality control and, in some cases, from stock clearances or BMW's own buyback program. This cooperation allows us to provide you with rarely offered BMW spare parts from almost new cars (from 0 to about 3 years old).

Where does this type of BMW spare parts come from?

When BMW has finished with their test cars and early prototypes, these are disassembled and sold through selected distributors and dealers.

As the BMW factory do not spend their time and energy disassembling this type of parts, they collaborate with distributors like KOED, giving them the opportunity to source and redistribute these parts in larger quantities in the size of ~100 cars per order.

What types of BMW spare parts do KOED offer this way?

We typically sell model-specific bodywork packages that contain doors, hoods, bumpers, etc. Unlike body parts from traffic-damaged cars, these packages almost always contain hoods and bumpers, which are highly sought after, but also hard-to-find parts for repairing damage and for rebuilding projects.

We also offer chassis packages with complete front and rear subframes, brakes, springs and shock absorbers, as well as hifi/satnav systems and interiors/seats that are perfect as upgrade kits.

In addition, there are large batches (pallets/cages) with identical products, e.g. a batch of AGM batteries, selected wheels/tires, trailer hitches, M-accessories and other popular accessories.

When our friends in Munich clean out their stock, they assemble many fine parts in one or more truckloads. Here, there are often different types of parts and from different model year cars.

Parts removed from M models that are being converted into track cars are also sold through this program.

BMW spare parts for customers who can purchase a lot of parts per order

In order to keep the prices on this type of parts at an attractive level, we offer them in total packages and bulk purchases, and therefore they are relevant to the following customers:


Rif you repair many BMW’s with substantial damage, you should consider buying model-specific bodywork packages. For example, as doors are complete incl. all seals, fittings, windows and electronics, you'll get significant savings on both time and money. As mentioned above, there are almost always attractive parts like front hoods and bumpers that are not available through normal channels. As the icing on the cake, it's obviously original BMW parts, so fitment and quality are superb.


Large batches of BMW spare parts and accessories allow you to offer your customers great offers on batteries, tow hitches, hifi/satnav upgrades and other accessories. As the parts come from almost new cars, you get premium parts and quality at very reasonable prices.

Wrecker, salvage yard, used parts shop

Would like to stand out from the crowd? You can by offering top quality and hard-to-find used BMW spare parts. Normally, it is both difficult and expensive for a used parts provider to obtain the parts that customers demand most. By purchasing these packages, you get high quality parts that are usually not available from traffic-damaged cars, and thus you can service your customers far better.

We stock almost all BMW spare parts in packages

At KOED, we keep stock of BMW parts packages for many BMW models, we have direct access to BMW's stock lists, and we’re updated daily on what is being offered.

The parts in these offers are not available through our normal webshop, and access to inventory lists is only granted to professional suppliers/workshops in the industry. As a registered customer of this program you receive fresh stock lists weekly, so you are always updated on the assortment directly from the source in Munich.

Do you want direct access to top quality, almost-new, used parts from BMW Munich's test cars?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are a customer looking for individual parts, we can’t offer you parts through this program, but kindly redirect you to our online-shop.