Authorised BMW Recycling parts agent

The BMW Group Recycling and Dismantling Centre (RDC) in Unterschleissheim first opened its doors in 1994. Here, in the north of Munich, research is conducted into the environmentally compatible and efficient recycling of BMW vehicles.
Although officially the RDC is certificated as a recycling firm, it primarily recycles trial vehicles of the BMW Group.

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Enduring impressions

Sustainable economic activity is an integral constituent of the whole value adding chain in the BMW Group, including the development of alternative, fuel saving vehicle concepts, environmentally compatible production processes, and eco friendly recycling methods. In particular old vehicles are a key source of secondary raw materials.
The BMW Group has set itself the target of closing material cycles and contributing to the protection of natural resources.

Matching values and purpose

KOED's passion and dedication to the BMW brand corresponds very well with the purpose of BMW Recycling, which is why KOED has become an authorised distributor of parts generated from the dismantling of BMW test vehicles. We primarily sell in bulk, but some items are also sold individually. Please contact us for stock list and pricing.
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